The workshop will showcase recent unpublished work addressing one or more of the workshop questions:

How many types of iconicity are there? How do types of iconicity relate to differences in meaning or experience? Are some types of iconicity more basic than others? If so, does basic iconicity pave the way for more abstract forms of iconicity, and non-iconic form-meaning associations? Are types of iconicity culture-specific or semiotically general? Do particular types of iconicity serve different functions in language use, development and processing? Can types of iconicity be combined within or across modalities? Do distinctions like acting vs. tracing have equivalents in the vocal/auditory modality? If type of iconicity matters, does it still make sense to treat iconicity as a unified notion? Are distinct operationalisations of iconicity entirely complementary or do they sometimes clash?

The call for papers is now closed. Outcome of submissions will be announced in mid-March 2017.